Singer Yuna and rapper Little Simz become superheroes in this awesome animated music video. Get ready for a trip forward in time!

It starts off by telling us that we’ve travelled to a future where someone has taken away all of the colour from the world. We’re presented with a bleak metropolis that’s caked in black and white. Then, we see a mysterious superhero looking on at the city, plotting a way to restore colour to the world. But how can she do it?

Yuna And Little Simz Become Superheroes In This Animated Music Vid image of little simz

We see her breaking into a government building and she steals a glowing cube. The guards of the building aren’t best pleased and an exciting car chase ensues. Eventually, she ends up inside of a huge stadium and manages to activate the glowing box. It restores all of the colour to the world, wiping away the old black and white look of the city. It’s an impressive video that uses a really striking animation style. It’s no surprise though, as these two are known for creating some of the best music vids out there. Keep em’ coming guys!

Yuna & Little Simz|Pink Youth|Music Videos

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