YouTuber Grace Helbig teams up with Glad Press ‘n’ Seal to take part in this wacky stunt. In this video, Grace is tasked with making a salad poke bowl, all whilst standing on the back of a moving truck.

Grace has her very own kitchen, mounted onto a trailer where she can make her poke bowl. But it’s pretty tough to keep her hands on everything whilst the whole kitchen is travelling at 30 miles per hour. Grace tries to stop various ingredients flying off, but doesn’t have much luck. She does just about manage to keep enough ingredients to finish making the poke bowl though!

Press ‘n’ Seal are following the trend of getting YouTube stars and influencers involved in branded content. This video is a really cool idea that is funny to watch and also works well as a paid promo. We’ve seen more brands branch out to online creators to market their products to a new, younger generation. What do you think? Are vids like this a cool mix of entertainment and advertising?

Grace Helbig|Glad Press ‘n’ Seal|Ads and Promos

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