WIRED meets the world-champion of whistling. Did you know that there even was a world whistling championship? Us neither…

Sean Lomax has spent his life perfecting the musical art of whistling. He’s performed in stage shows, alongside national orchestras and has even whistled the National Anthem in front of thousands of U.S troops. Basically, this guy is the Lionel Messi of making sounds with his mouth.

WIRED Meets The World's Best Whistler image of Sean Lomax

In this interview, we learn how Sean first got into whistling and turned it into a professional career. He teaches us a few techniques as well, if we wanted to try and get up to his level. But he also tells us that it takes years of practice if you want to go pro. Sean has been competing in competitions since 1985 but only could make a full-time living out of it in 2005 when he joined the famous Cirque du Soleil show. Sean has made countless appearances on TV shows like Late Night With David Letterman and The Tonight Show. He says he’s living his dream and is chuffed to turn a childhood skill into a long-term career.

Sean Lomax|WIRED|Interviews

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