Wired are back with the latest video in their technical critique series with dialect coach Erik Singer.

The series has been a huge hit, as Erik breaks down the accuracy of actors putting on accents or playing real life people in film and TV. Bad movie accents are often a really funny thing to point out, so in the series Erik delved into the art of mastering a good fake accent. In this video, he walks us through some of the weird and wonderful aspects of modern languages and dialects.

He tells us how many distinct sounds you need to make a language (it’s less than you might think), why the American accent is one of the hardest accents to perfect and why people in old movies from speak in such an odd way. It’s a fascinating insight in how languages and accents work and it shows us how they’re more complicated than people realise. People online love these kinds of vids from Erik. If you tot up all the views from the videos that he’s made for Wired, it adds us to over 20 million hits. Pretty impressive stuff.

Wired|Erik Singer|Interviews

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