Vox tells us why this photo of a black hole is such a big deal. When it came out that the first ever photo of a black hole had been taken, it quickly became international news. Something that once seemed almost impossible to capture was now here, right in front of our eyes.


To understand why this was such a massive accomplishment, you have to understand just how far away this black hole was and how difficult the image was to capture. Not only was the black hole millions of light years away, it was also shrouded by thousands of gas clouds, making it practically invisible.

Why This Photo of A Black Hole Is Such A Big Deal

It took years of collaboration between numerous different observatories, including one on the South Pole, to be able to get this picture. Just getting this image is a huge achievement in itself, but on top of that it tells scientists that their theories about black holes are right. It has truly taken our knowledge of space to new heights!

Black Hole Image|Vox|Mini-Doc

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