Vox tell us how climate change is making allergies worse in this eye-opening animation.


Anyone who suffers with allergies caused by pollen knows that they can be really annoying. They make going out a sunny day a tough task and can cause you to get sniffly and sick at a moments notice. But it gets worse. Climate change is making allergies around the world way, way worse. Sorry to be the bearer of bad news guys!

Why Climate Change Is Making Allergies Worse image of chest

The video explains that because we’re putting more and more CO2 in the air each year, plants are soaking up more. This extends their reproductive stage, meaning that they produce way more pollen than usual. Also factor in the fact that we’re having fewer colder days and you have a perfect storm that’s guaranteed to give people with allergies a bad summer! The video does an amazing job of making a complicated scientific problem easy and simple to understand.

Climate Change|Vox|2D animation

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