Painkiller brand Nurofen swear in the name of science in this funny advert.

They tell us how they’ve done a study that proves that if you swear when you’re in pain, your body releases painkilling hormones. Basically, it turns out that swearing is the original painkiller. But effing and blinding all the time isn’t ideal. So what if there was an alternative? In this ad, a team of linguistic experts try and come up with a new, non-offensive, fake swear word that people can say instead of the real thing.

They come up with some suggestions for alternative naughty words that hit the painkilling spot when you say them out loud that don’t cause offence. They test out their new words with a pain test and see whether saying them whilst the patients are in pain makes them feel any better. When the results are in, it’s clear that there’s no replacement for a good old fashioned expletive. But, if you really do want to stop feeling pain and don’t want to turn the air blue, why not just pop a Nurofen tablet instead, eh?

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