The Wall Street Journal meets the parents of the McClure Twins, a pair of toddlers that have become YouTube and social media stars.

The twins became famous after a cute video of them talking to each other went massively viral. Seeing an opportunity, their parents set up a dedicated YouTube channel for the pair, which has since amassed millions of regular viewers. These parents aren’t alone in this, thousands of parents across the globe are cashing in by setting up YouTube channels for their little ones, which document their children’s day-to-day lives. It’s like a kid’s version of the movie The Truman Show.

What It's Like To Raise The Social Media Stars, The McClure Twins image of McClure

The practice has received some criticism for being too exploitative and unfair on the kids. Crucially, the kids can’t really consent to being filmed and put online. Some argue that they don’t really understand the implications of having such a large online footprint at such a young age. In this documentary, we get to hear from the parents of the McClure twins about the logistics, finances and ethics of putting their kids out to millions of viewers, week-in-week-out.

The McClure Twins|Wall Street Journal|Documentary

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