Great Big Story meet a band that’s made up entirely of scientists. They create music that’s nothing like anything you’ve ever heard before!

Using a special suit, these scientists a play electric guitar that’s made of electricity. Whilst some electric guitars might use electricity for power, this guitar produces its sound by harnessing man-made lightning. Using a special technique, the scientists are able to harness electrical currents, which create sounds by vibrating the air. They then harness these sounds to create live music and put on quite a show!

What Happens When Scientists Make Music image of electric

The team in this video tour their musical act as a way to educate people about science. They do a number of other demonstrations of super cool science experiments too as well to keep people entertained. The visuals in this video are crazy, you literally can’t believe your eyes when you’re looking at it! Even though it looks like it, there’s no CGI used here at all, just very real (and very dangerous) man-made lightning! Would you play this electric guitar? It would probably be quite an electrifying experience to say the least!

Great Big Story|ArcAttack|Documentary

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