Watch this gorgeous animated music video for The Beatles song, Here Comes The Sun.

The group were most popular in the days before music videos. For a lot of their biggest songs, they never had a chance to make music videos for them. Some of their lyrics painted pictures of amazing landscapes and stunning scenery, but it was never put to film. With this new video, we get to enjoy one of their best tracks in a whole new way.

Watch This Animated Music Video For The Beatles, Here Comes The Sun image of Here Comes The Sun

In this video we see a drum kit sitting in a lonely studio. Then, old photos of The Beatles and pages of lyrics start to rise up and all fit together to form the image of a rising sun. We then fly inside the photos and follow a bird as it swoops over iconic pictures of the band over the years. There are even snippets of video clips of the band in there as well, making it feel like they’re really there. It’s a moving video that captures the memory of the band as well as the beauty of the famous song. It’s a great idea to revisit some of these older tracks and re-create them in a visual way for a new generation to enjoy.

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