Home remedy brand Dr Giorgini get our hearts racing with this action-packed, VR style ad. In it, we’re put in the point of view of a camper who’s sat out near a lake.


Everything seems calm and tranquil, when all of a sudden, the man hears a loud growl and sees a women run out of the forest. He starts running too, unsure what’s going to come out of the woods. We hear the creature get closer and closer, as the man runs inside an abandoned caravan.

Watch This Action-Packed Ad From Home Remedy Brand Dr Giorgini gif of running

The creature outside loudly bangs on the walls, and it feels like it’s going to break in at any moment. Then, we cut to a man sitting on a sofa, taking off a VR headset. It’s revealed that we’ve just been watching someone play a scary game! Then, the man is given a nice cup of Dr Giorgini’s home remedy to calm down. The ad reminds us that even though the ways we entertain ourselves are changing, the way that we relax with a nice cuppa has still stayed the same.

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