Samsung Thailand released this incredible short film, The Mechanic, which has gone massively viral in the region.

It follows the story of a young man who’s born with mechanical hands. He sort of resembles a robot-like Edward Scissorhands. His hands make him really adept at fixing things and he becomes a local hero in his town.

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At first it seems like a gift. But over time, it turns into a curse. People start to see him more as a freak and his girlfriend breaks up with him, as she’s embarrassed to be around him. Just when it looks really bleak, the young man sees a class being taught that’s filled with people that have hands that look just like his. He goes in to find out more. The class is for Samsung’s dual vocational education programme. The brand are encouraging more people to learn new skills and become a part of their business. They want people like the boy in this film to come and join them. Samsung wants to attract students that are so good with their hands, it’s almost as if they’re actually mechanical.

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