The 2019 John Lewis christmas ad is here. This year, it start Excitable Edgar, a curious little dragon.

Edgar is a young dragon who loves christmas. He loves snowmen, ice skating and best of all, christmas trees. The problem is though, anytime that Edgar gets close to any of these things in real life, his fiery breath melts them or sets them on fire. It’s all by accident, of course, but Edgar feels really bad for all of the problems that he’s causing as a result of his hot breath.

Watch The John Lewis 2019 Christmas Ad: Excitable Edgar image of John Lewis 2019 Christmas Ad

Edgar becomes a recluse and people in his town won’t go near him. But one of his friends comes to his door and gives him a present. At first, we’re not sure what it is, but then the ad cuts to a shot of people having a christmas feast. When Edgar walks into the room, everyone freaks out, worried that he’s going to set something alight. But he pulls out his present, a christmas pudding, and lights it on fire. Everyone is overjoyed to see that Edgar can finally use his abilities for good around xmas.

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