Director Raj Davsi created this breathtaking title sequence for Forward Festival, a festival that looks to celebrate the best visual artists and creatives from around the globe.

The title sequence, called Odd One Out, features some amazing CG work. It follows a hyper-realistic panther, as it traverses a magical jungle. We get a really good look at the visually stunning jungle, which is full of glowing plants and wonderful wildlife. As the video goes on, things get more tense, as we realise the panther is being watched from afar. Is it alone in this jungle?

Watch The Incredible CGI Title Sequence For Forward Festival image of panther

The panther realises all is not well and starts sprinting through the dense jungle. We get a close up look at the majestic creature, which has amazing multi-coloured fur. The animation is colourful and pretty but also has a dark and creepy feel to it as well. The sequence ends with the panther being surrounded by four rival panthers, who aren’t so happy to see our multi-coloured friend in their neck of the woods. The whole sequence celebrates individuality and uniqueness in a subtle and clever way.

Forward Festival|Raj Davsi|3D Animation

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