Visual artist Jamille Van Wijngaarden brings us this hilarious animated short called Catastrophe.

In it, we see an owner telling her cat not to mess up anything in the house whilst she’s gone. She especially warns it against trying to eat her pet bird. The cat knows that it’s got to be on its best behaviour whilst its owner is away. After the owner leaves, disaster strikes! The pet bird drops dead out of nowhere and the cat starts panicking, as it knows that it’ll be blamed for it.

Watch The Hilarious Animated Short

Whilst attempting to revive the bird, the cat ends up knocking the birdcage over, smashing numerous items around the living room. As the film goes on, things just get worse and worse as the cat ends up inadvertently wrecking the whole flat! We love the animation style of this brilliant short. The whole thing is a wild ride that is really funny to watch. Keep watching right up until the end though, because there is a great twist that you won’t see coming!

Jamille Van Wijngaarden|Catastrophe|3D Animation

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