Teranga is an afrobeat club in Napoli that’s run entirely by migrants. This documentary follows the story of two regulars and their struggles to get to Italy for a better life.

We meet Fata and Yankuba two guys in their mid twenties who travelled across numerous countries, underwent imprisonment, torture and risked their lives countless times to get to Europe. Upon arrival, they were put into a privately-run camp, which had harsh restrictions on when they could come and go. Worse still, lots of these camps are run by corrupt companies which treat the migrants here with little respect and are often neglectful and don’t maintain quality living standards.

Watch The Guardian's Documentary About The Migrant-Run Nightclub In Napoli image of The Guardian

Looking for a way to escape the day to day boredom, some of them set up a nightclub where people can come and relax. It was designed as a release and a way to enjoy their life in Napoli, despite all the negatives. Fata hopes to hone his skills as a DJ and make a living from performing on nights like this. Yankuba is in the process of applying to university and wants to learn new skills to give him a leg up in life. It’s a fascinating doc that shows us the front line of immigration in Italy.

Teranga|The Guardian|Documentary

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