GoPro launched their new 360 camera, the MAX with this epic promo.

The ad is entirely made up of real-life footage shot by the cameras. In true GoPro style, we see incredible shots of daring surfers, skilled snowboarders and wicked wing suit enthusiasts. The stunts themselves are already incredible impressive, but to see how well the new camera captures them makes the whole thing even more breathtaking.

The brand new camera offers users a totally unique way to film the best videos. It has a fully 360 degree wide range and stitches together the images as they’re recorded, meaning that there’s no messy editing jobs to worry about. The camera also offers an incredible range of focus, meaning that it’s easier than ever to record ultra high definition, wide angle footage as well. GoPro have a reputation for hitting it out of the park with their breathtaking ads and this one proves that they’re still worthy of that stellar rep. We can’t wait to see the kind of stuff that people are going to capture with this exciting new piece of tech.

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