Animation studio Eddy shows us this amazing short film called Wild Horses. It takes us into a future where people can live forever. But all isn’t as it seems…

In the animation, we’re taken into a world where scientists have worked out how to turn humans into code, meaning that they can live on forever digitally. Some people love this idea, but others are staunchly against it. We see a couple disagreeing over the digital procedure, with one choosing to go through with it and the other choosing to stay in the mortal realm.

As the protests against the idea grow, things get more and more tense, culminating in a fire fight between the protestors and the police. Amid the chaos, the couple tries to find each other, hoping to get out of the situation alive. The animation team, Eddy, have been pushing the boundaries of 2D animation over the last couple of years. Their style is really simple but also futuristic looking and complex. The music by French producer Canblaster that plays alongside the animation is spot on as well. It perfectly compliments the mad chaos of the film.

Eddy|Wild Horses|2D Animation

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