Film maker Georgy Tarasov gives us this creepy short film called The Hunter. In it, we see a cowboy-style bounty hunter on the lookout for some baddies. But all isn’t quite as it seems.

At first, you might expect him to be looking for other wanted cowboys. But he’s not looking for that at all. In fact, he’s not even looking for other humans. As the film goes on, it’s revealed that we’re not in the universe that we know and that our protagonist is on the hunt for giant alien-like robots. It’s like if the Iron Giant was directed by Quentin Tarantino.

It’s not really made clear what the hunters intentions are. Is he just curious about these giant monsters? Is he looking to help them, or harm them? It’s not made exactly clear, but at the end of the film he comes up face to face with one. What happens next, we don’t get to see. Who knows whether the hunter is safe. It’s a really excellent short film that blends in ambitious special effects seamlessly. It’s another impressive vid from Georgy Tarasov. The film maker is known for his incredible special effects and this film has to be amongst the best he’s made so far.

The Hunter|Georgy Tarasov|Short Form

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