Ahead of the release of Dolittle Universal leaked the audition tapes of some of the biggest stars in the movie.

We get to see all of the animals trying out for their roles in this funny promo. To get things started, lead actor Robert Downey Jr gets each of the animals to recite some famous lines from movies. It’s pretty surreal to watch. Hearing a tiny squirrel act out the epic stand off at the end of Scarface is hilarious. The other best bits of the vid are a gorilla going over lines of Despicable Me and a parrot doing their best impression of Vin Diesel for The Fast & The Furious.

Watch The Auditions Tapes Of The Animal Stars Of

It’s a fun and playful vid that gives us an insight into what to expect from the new Dolittle reboot. Anyone who grew up in the 90s will remember Eddie Murphy’s brilliant outing as the Dr Dolittle character. Will this new film be able to live up to its predecessor? In any case, the talking animals will probably look a bit more real this time round to say the least.


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