Supa Bwe and Chance The Rapper released this cool animated music video for their track Rememory.

Both artists are known for their trippy and weird music videos. This one is definitely up there as being one of the wackiest ones that they’ve done yet. In the video, we see the two rappers reminiscing about their childhood. We see them go camping, playing outside and watching cartoons. The video uses a mix of animation styles and is filled with clever pop culture references throughout. It gives loads of shoutouts to 90s TV shows, games consoles and fashion.

Tristious is the visual artist who made the animation. He’s been making waves recently, as he’s become a favourite amongst famous rappers for making their music videos. He’s worked with big names like XXXentacion, Lil Yachty and Method Man to produce a number of awesome animated music videos. He has a really unique and eye-catching animation style and knows how to perfectly capture the essence of each artist that he works with. Keep an eye on this talented animator.

Supa Bwe + Chance The Rapper|Tristious|Music Videos

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