Car brand Mercedes released this moving short film that focuses on a love story between an old man and his wife.

The film starts with a suited young man driving his car whilst on the phone to his grandpa. His grandad tells his grandson about the memories he’s had with the man’s grandma. He recalls all the amazing times that he’s spent with her. We get to see what those times looked like for ourselves, as the film transports us back in time to see the couple in their younger days.

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We’re lead to think that the young man is on his way to a funeral for his grandma, which is why his grandpa is reminiscing about her. He expresses regret that he’s never really shown her exactly what she means to him. But, at the end there’s a twist. It’s not a sombre occasion, it’s a happy one. It turns out that the young man is driving his grandma to a church, where she’s marrying the man’s grandpa. It’s a charming video that reminds us that love transcends all ages.

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