ITV made this epic promo for this year’s Rugby World Cup. This year, the tournament takes place in Japan and this advert fittingly uses Anime style animations to get us hyped for the games.

In it, we see a few people dozing off in different parts of the world, a kid from Wales, a bloke from Ireland, a girl from England and an office worker from Scotland. As they fall asleep, they all start dreaming about an anime style version of Japan and see all of the top players facing off against each other. Instead of a typical game, we see two giant versions of each team battle it out in the heart of Tokyo. It feels like something out of Godzilla, as are buildings toppled over after being hit by huge tackles and nasty falls.

Watch ITV's Epic Animated Ad For The Rugby World Cup image of Rugby World Cup

The whole ad is made to look like famous Japanese video games and TV shows like Street Fighter and Dragonball Z. It’s a breathtaking ad that perfectly captures the intensity and passion that you see at the Rugby World Cup. It’s a brilliant homage to the tournament’s hosts and gives rugby a fresh look that feels modern and trendy.

ITV|Rugby World Cup 2019|Sports

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