Apple released this lovely short film about one family’s christmas trip.

We follow two parents taking their kids to visit their grandparents for the holidays. They’re a hyperactive pair of children that are always looking for something to do. The parents let them use their iPad to keep themselves entertained. As they get to their grandpa’s house, they ask if their grandpa is still sad. He’s having a tough time, as his wife passed away recently.

Watch Apple's Christmas Short Film

The kids chat about how they could cheer their grandpa up. They watch some old home videos of him and grandma and film some of them on the iPad. When it comes to christmas day, they give a gift to their grandad. It’s the iPad that they’ve been using this whole time. On it, they’ve created an interactive card that’s filled with old pictures of their grandma and reminds them that although all their grandma can no longer be here, all of the rest of the family is here to support each other. It’s a really moving and powerful ad that reminds us of the importance of family around the christmas period.

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