The Guardian look into the toxic school run that thousands of parents and children are taking every day in London. They’re being exposed to almost double the legal limit of dangerous gases, which are mostly emitted by cars.

London has the worst pollution in the UK and now the capital is seeing more cases of young children with lung problems, due to constant exposure to high levels of dangerous gases. In this eye-opening video, The Guardian follows one family’s walk to school and show a minute-by-minute measurement of the level of dangerous gases they’re breathing in.

Walking The Toxic School Run In Polluted Central London image of gases

Throughout almost all of the walk, the level of gas in the air is well over the legal limit. Worse still, children are at a much higher risk of having issues with their breathing due to this exposure because their lungs are still developing. Now, school kids are even given anti-pollution masks to take on school trips around the city in an effort to reduce the harm caused by the dangerous gas emissions.  Although London’s Mayor Sadiq Khan is taking measures to reduce air pollution in London, there’s still a long way to go.

Air Pollution|The Guardian|Documentary

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