Red Bull join pro Dominic Gührs as he wakeboards through Bangkok’s iconic floating markets. Normally, you’ll travel through the markets via boat, but Dom has a quicker way of getting around!

We watch him fly through the markets at breakneck speeds, jumping over stalls and ducking under bridges. He gives himself a whistle-stop tour, seeing a day’s worth of tourist stuff in a matter of minutes! Bemused locals look on at him flying past their houses! must be a weird sight to wake up to…

The video is really breath taking and Dom pulls off the tricks so well. He really makes it look effortless. Except, it’s really not effortless. At the end of the video, we get to see all of the times that Dominic wiped out! The whole thing goes from feeling like a National Geographic film to looking like You’ve Been Framed! Some of these wipeouts are pretty heavy as well, they looked like they hurt at lot! Fair play to Dom though, he gets back up and nails the tricks in the end, giving us this awesome video in the process!

Red Bull|Dominic Gührs|Sports

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