Vox tell us how to win the Tour de France in this interesting video. They walk us through the history of the competition and tell us how riders use different techniques to claim 1st prize.

The course is made up of lots of different elements that make it one of the hardest biking competitions in the world. The most difficult parts are the mountain climbs, which have become a hallmark of the competition. Interestingly, Vox tell us that it’s not just pure skill and power that will win you the Tour de France, it’s about picking the right times to surge ahead as well.

Vox Tells Us How To Win The Tour de France image of tour de france

They describe the physics that take place during the race. Sometimes, the best racers will hang back and let other racers get in from of them. The other cyclists absorb the wind resistance, meaning the top racers they don’t have to put in as much effort fighting against it. It’s really cool to find out all the little things that the racers do to give themselves an advantage. The Tour de France has been running for over 100 years now and watching this video reminds us why it’s still so popular to this day.

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