Vox looks at the fascinating origins of stop-motion animation in this interesting video.

We all know and love stop-motion. Wallace and Gromit, holiday specials, A Nightmare Before Christmas. Everyone has their favourite animated character, TV show and film. But who came up with the format in the first place? It was all down to one man, Wladyslaw Starewicz. He was an avid insect collector and was commissioned to make an educational film about bugs.

He wanted to get shots of stag beetles fighting, but they were scared by the studio lights. So, way back in 1912, he used stop-motion techniques to make his insects literally move. As time went on, his films got more and more ambitious and he eventually created more elaborate animals and characters from scratch. In this doc, we get to see some of his best works and learn how he inspired many animation artists for generations to come. His work would influence thousands of artists to push the genre into new directions and take it to new heights.

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