Vox shows us how the world’s biggest election is organised. India is home to over a billion people, with 900 million eligible voters. That’s nearly 1/8th of people on the planet!

So, how on earth does India organise this election? Well, it takes quite a while, with voting being held over a number of weeks. All of the voting machines have to be hand delivered and everyone legally has to have access to one of these machine. So whether they’re just round the corner or whether they live on a 10,000 ft  high mountain top, those voting machines have to be delivered! It’s a really tough challenge.

Vox Looks At How India Organises The World's Biggest Election gif of election

It takes a massive team of people to deliver all of these machines. Thousands of workers have to traverse deserts and dense jungles and a whole host of other hostile environments. All in all, the Indian General Elections are one of the biggest and most complicated elections in the world and this doc gives us an amazing glimpse into how the Indian government manages to pull them off time and time again.

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