Volvo created a tower using their new trucks in this awesome ad.

They’ve released 4 new models and are so confident of their durability that they stacked them on top of one another. They prove that the cars can still run just fine even with this massive amount of weight sitting on them. They’re so confident of it in fact,  that they had the president of the company Roger Alm stand at the top of the tower as it drove along.

It’s a slickly produced ad from the guys at Volvo, it looks like something out of a blockbuster movie. It’s an inventive piece of work and is a super innovative way to showcase the capabilities of the new vehicles. Even if you’re not interested in trucks at all, you can’t help but smile at this brilliant commercial. We think that Volvo might have a viral hit on their hands with this one. This has to be one of the best vids that we’ve seen in a while, it definitely had us laughing. We hope Volvo makes more great stuff like this in the future.

Volvo|The Tower|Ads and Promos

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