Viral superstar Lil Nas X gets interviewed by a roomful of cute kids in this funny video from Noisey.

Sometimes normal interviews can be pretty boring. The same old questions get asked and you don’t really learn anything all that new from them. But what if you had to answer questions from kids? This video proves that, all things considered, kids are definitely better interviewers than adults. The rapper Lil Nas X is tasked with answering some of life’s most difficult questions like: “Do you prefer sweeties or chocolate?” and “Do you play Fortnite?”. We reckon that these kids put Jeremy Paxman to shame with their challenging questions.

Viral Sensation Lil Nas X Gets Interviewed By Cute Kids image of Lil Nas X

Noisey kicked off their series of getting kids to ask celebs questions with Liam Gallagher around a year ago. The video went viral as people went crazy for Liam’s funny responses to his young interviewers.  Whether Lil Nas beats Liam’s witty answers is up for debate, but one thing is for sure, kids ask much funnier questions than we could come up with any day.

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