Fashion guru and style icon Victoria Beckham brought us this brilliant video, where she answers the most Googled questions about herself.

We’ve all used Google before and are all familiar with the “suggested questions” feature. Basically, if you type in “What is Victoria Beckham…” the search engine will show you the most common things that are typed at the end of that sentence. It’s honest a look into what people are thinking about when they’re searching your name.

Victoria Beckham Answers The Most Googled Questions About Herself image of Victoria Beckham

In this funny video, Victoria finds out what the most pressing things are that people want to know about her. She’s asked numerous questions about how she first became famous, what her diet is, whether she’s nice in real life and, most importantly, how she met David Beckham. Some of the answers are pretty entertaining. She says that she’s most famous for not ever smiling but does let us know that she’s a friendly person when you get to know her. It’s really interesting to find out a bit more about her and what she’s like.

Victoria Beckham|VB|Fashion

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