Vice meets a man whose “Breaking Bad” prank went seriously wrong and almost got him sued for 150,000 dollars.

They chat to Josh, an engineer who quit his job to spend some time to work on his music. He was living off of his savings and was doing OK for money. But his family and friends were a little confused how he was living with no job and wondered why he had quit his work so suddenly. Him and his friends started a little running joke that he had secretly started a meth lab, in the style of Breaking Bad’s main character, Walter White.

Vice Meets The Man Whose

In the spirit of the joke, Josh decided to set up a fake web article using the logos of a local news site. He even created a realistic fake news report and took a fake mugshot to feature in it. He shared it on Facebook, thinking that just a few friends would see it. But things got out of control quickly as the article went viral and his family and friends had no idea it was just a joke. This documentary shows us how Josh came up with the prank in the first place and how things went seriously wrong, fast.

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