Vans continues their awesome Weird Waves series with this second season.

In this video, we join some of Vans’ finest surfers as they tackle the strangest waves out there. The first place they visit is home to the longest waves in the world. A unique tidal pattern means that for certain parts of the year, this stretch of water creates waves that are really wide and stay intact for much much longer. It’s really impressive to see these guys pulling off the super long glides across the tide.

Vans Surf Some Ice Glacier Waves In Season Two Of

In the second part of the video, we travel up to the icy waters of Alaska. Here, the team try and ride the waves generated by falling ice that’s melted off of glaciers. It takes a lot of waiting before any ice melts off, but eventually a few chunks break off which creates some pretty sizeable waves. The video is a tour around some of the most unlikeliest surfing spots in the world. It’s like nothing we’ve ever seen before. It’s a great video from Vans that captures the adventurous spirit of the surfers in the doc.

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