Skate shoe brand Vans have made an awesome doc about the skating legend, Tony Alva. He was a pioneer of the sport and became one of skatings most famous faces.

Tony broke all the rules when it came to skating. His techniques, his fashion and his attitude was totally unique. There was truly no one else like Tony. He’d originally come from a surfing background and he brought the free-flowing feel of surfing into the world of skating. For Tony, he felt just as free on a skateboard as he did on a surfboard. He tried things that no one else dared to and pushed the sports to new heights.

Not only that, but Tony was a style icon too. He had a big influence on skating fashion and created the iconic “skater look”. In this documentary, we get to hear from some of  world’s most famous skaters and find out what they think about Tony and his wild life. For these guys, Tony is their idol. It’s amazing to see how just one man could have such a big impact and learn how Tony’s still influencing the world of skating today.

Vans|Tony Alva|Trailer

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