If you’ve ever taken a look at the back of household products, chances are you’ll have seen a little Unilever logo. Basically, they make everything. From shampoo, to cleaning products to make up to even ice cream; each day you probably come across countless Unilever products and don’t even realise.

Another thing you might not realise is that you’re inadvertently “doing good”. This animation shows us all the different Unilever products that we use each day and then explains how each one of them has a positive impact on the world. Unilever products use sustainable farms, promote positive attitudes and generally just makes the world a little bit better.

Unilever Tells Us To

Chances are, you’ll have used a handful of Unilever products before you’ve even left for work in the morning. So, because they’re doing good, you are as well. It’s a charming animation that shows us the wide range of different things that the company makes and highlights their positive business ethics. The team behind the animation, The Line, have a penchant for making really bright and cool animations. This one is the latest addition to their already awesome catalogue.

Unilever|Every U|Animation

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