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Video games are looking more like Hollywood movies nowadays and so are their ads, quite literally. In this promo for Ghost Recon – Breakpoint, we follow the protagonist of the game as he fights for his life.

Him and his team are flying along in a helicopter when all of a sudden, they’re bombarded with enemy gunfire. Their chopper gets hit and plummets towards the ground. The surviving members of the group try their best to keep hidden. At first, they manage to stay out of sight, but eventually they’re rumbled and have to fight off the enemy by engaging in an epic gun battle.

Ubisoft Made This Awesome Live-Action Ad For "Ghost Recon - Breakpoint" image of Ghost Recon Breakpoint

It’s a really incredible short film. It’s an interesting approach from Ubisoft, as none of this live-action footage will actually feature in the game. The development team are following a new trend in gaming ads, where companies will create promos that show players what the game will “feel” like to play, rather than just show them clips of the gameplay. With graphics and stories getting better and better now it can actually feel like you’re the starring role in an action film when you pick up the controller and start playing.

Ubisoft|Ghost Recon – Breakpoint|Short Form

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