Asda released their new christmas ad for 2019, where two kids literally capture the magic of christmas.

The ad starts with a young girl holding what looks like a massive fishing rod with a jar on the end of it. Its pointing way up into the sky, way above the clouds. When her brother asks what she’s doing, she says that she’s trying to capture some of the magic “left behind” by Santa. Lo and behold, she does actually manage to grab some of it, and brings it back down into her house.

Two Kids (Literally) Capture The Magic Of Christmas In This Cute Asda Ad image of Asda

With this newfound superpower, the two kids run around their local town, turning everything around them into a super festive version of itself. They turn by-standers into gingerbread men and women, turn houses into tasty cakes and bring toys to life. By the end of the ad, their street is really really christmassy, with every house adorned with tons of decorations. It’s a charming ad that reminds us just how magical and brilliant the festive period can be.

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