UK Indie Rock band Two Door Cinema Club get upstaged by a set of ventriloquist dummies in this creepy music video for their track Once.

The video begins with the band holding up the dummies, as they perform live. Despite being controlled by the band members themselves, the dummies get all of the credit for singing and performing. As things go on and the band gets bigger and bigger, the band get pushed into the shadows and the puppets step more into the limelight.

Two Door Cinema Club Get Upstaged By Ventriloquist Dummies In

The puppets live a typical rock star lifestyle. Wild parties, scandals and heavy drinking habits are all par for the course. As this goes on, the actual band get more and more annoyed and eventually decide that enough is enough. It’s time to take the puppets out. It’s a really interesting video from the group. It was written and directed by duo Mathy & Fran. They’re known for their quirky and off the wall films and this one is a great addition to the other work that they’ve done in the past.

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