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Apple Shows Us Just How Tough The New iPhone 11 Is With This Ad image of iPhone 11

Apple – iPhones Are Tough

Dairy Milk Tell You To

Dairy Milk – Donate Your Words

Powerful Commercial Celebrates NHS Nurses image of NHS We Are Nurses

NHS – We Are Nurses

Ikea Create The

Ikea – The Stuff Monster

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Samsung – The Alpaca

Samsung started a whole new fashion trend in this hilariously bizarre advert.

In it, we see a woman buy a remote Alpaca farm in the middle of nowhere. Not content with the Alpaca’s already naturally quirky hairstyles, she decides to mix things up a bit. She dyes their hair wild colours and styles their hair in cool and interesting ways. After filming her new creations, she posts the video online and it goes viral. Soon, everyone is wanting to get the “Alpaca Look” for themselves.

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