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Gerard Butler Runs From Paparazzi In This Action-Packed Ad!

Gerard Butler Runs From Paparazzi

Messi, Neymar and Many More Star In This Exciting Mastercard Commercial image of messi

Messi & More – Find The Red Ball

Extra Show Us The Touching Story of

Extra – Max and Bill

Twinings Tea Take A Trip Back In Time! image of man

Twinnings Tea Time Travel

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Channel Your Inner Action Hero With Amazon Prime’s Funny New Ad

Amazon Prime tell you to channel your inner action hero in this funny new ad. Sometimes, when we watch a TV show, we can’t help but want to emulate our favourite on-screen characters in real life.

Amazon makes that thought a reality in this commercial. In it, we see an office worker spot a cupcake left in a room from a meeting. It looks super delectable and she quickly realises her other colleagues have noticed the tasty cake as well!

Taking inspiration from her favourite action-packed TV show, Hanna, she uses a series of tricks and sneaky moves to slyly sabotage her colleagues and get the cake all to herself.

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