Turf Fever by Sub64 Films follows the story of a young man called Micheal Chicago, who turned a tough situation into an incredible opportunity.

In this film, he tells us how he became enamoured with turf dancing, a style of Hip Hop dancing that originated in California. The style is a mix of body popping, street dance and some ballet moves mixed in as well. When Micheal was growing up, his parents would often argue. His father was an alcoholic and was verbally abusive to Micheal’s Mum.

To drown out the noise caused by the arguments, Micheal would go into his garage, put on his headphones and practice turf dancing. Although his passion for dance was born out of a dark situation, he’s developed himself into a bright spark in the dance scene. In this film, we meet Micheal and his friends and find out what turf dancing means to them. In the final part of the film, we get to see Micheal in full swing, as he takes part in a dance competition. It’s an emotional video that shows us how something positive can come out of a negative situation.

Turf Fever|Sub64 Films|Documentary

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