Tretyakov Gallery in Moscow made this stunning animated advert that focuses on traditional Russian fairytales.

It comes as the museum is opening an exhibition that will focus on the classic folklore of ancient Russia. The region is known for its storytelling and brilliant children’s stories, so seeing them being brought to life in this way is super interesting. They bring the stories into the 21st century and blend modern elements into them as well. With kids using smartphones and tablets more and more nowadays, it’s nice to take things back to basics and focus on spoken stories.

To be honest, we’re not super familiar with Russian literature, so we’re not exactly sure who’s who in this vid. But in any case, it’s really interesting to see the heroes and heroines get a modern update for 2020. If you’re in Moscow, the gallery is a must-visit, as it’s home to some of Russia’s most interesting and important artworks. In a country that’s more known for its Soviet posters than classical pieces, it can be easy to forget about the wealth of art that has come out of the historic country.

Tretyakov Gallery|Petrick|2D Animation

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