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This moving stop-motion film “Negative Space” from the animation studio Tiny Inventions tells the story of a father and his son.

In it, we learn about how the son bonded with his father in an unusual way. For most people, they might bond with their dad talking about cars or sport. But this son connects with his dad through packing luggage. When he was a kid, his dad taught him a really efficient packing technique. When he got older and his dad needed help packing, the son would do it for him. The son sought after the praise that he would get from his dad when he did it right.

Touching Stop-Motion Film Tells The Story Of A Father And Son image of tiny inventions

The animation goes on to tell us how their relationship developed as the son got older, but we won’t spoil the animation’s ending for you here. The stop-motion in this film is truly stunning. Tiny Inventions have been creating some of the best animated content out there in the last few years. This short film ranks amongst their most ambitious and acclaimed projects yet. We can’t wait to see more from this studio in the future.

Negative Space|Tiny Inventions|Stop-Motion

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