Topshop tells you to “let what’s inside, out” in this powerful ad. The brand want to remind customers that they can speak openly about how they are feeling and shouldn’t feel trapped inside of their own head.

In the video, we see a young man bombarded with negative thoughts. They’re all shouting at him and his head’s spinning. He can’t think straight at all. It’s extremely overwhelming to watch. Just as it reaches a crescendo, he breathes out and speaks to his friends about how he’s feeling. He can’t exactly articulate how he’s feeling, but his mates patiently listen and say that it’s OK to feel stressed and overwhelmed.

It’s a moving ad that the brand have released as part of their CALM campaign. CALM stands for Campaign Against Living Miserably. Topshop points out how we don’t need to suffer in silence and feel like we have to live miserable lives. By opening up to others, we can save ourselves from feeling bad and we can be cheered up by our mates. It’s part of a wider movement to make men feel more comfortable about opening up in an effort to reduce the number of people feeling depressed and isolated.

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