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Are you working from home at the moment? Want something to watch on your lunch break?

Here’s our pick for the top 10 TV Shows to watch if you’re working from home.


The series is set around the Roy family, who control one of the biggest media and entertainment conglomerates in the world. Family feuds and power struggles are in full swing in this gripping series.

Where to watch it: HBO & Hulu.

succession image of succession


Schitt’s Creek

This wacky show is centred around a privileged family who loose everything and have to live in a tiny town that the patriarch of their clan bought as a joke. Chaos ensues.

Where to watch it: Netflix

Schitts Creek image of Schitts Creek

Schitt’s Creek|Netflix|Broadcast

Joe Pera Talks With You

There’s a show that’s on Channel 4 right now called Joe Pera Talks with You. He’s a comedian out of New York that created this character who’s just very wholesome. A nice calming bit of escapism for your day. Episodes are only 12 minutes as it’s an Adult Swim show. Here’s the best bit of Season 1.

Where To Watch It: All4

Joe Pera Talks With You image of Joe Pera Talks With You

Joe Pera Talks With You|Adult Swim|Broadcast


If you are a fan of a thriller, get stuck into Counterpart – a thriller set in Berlin and starring JK Simmons.

Where To Watch It: Amazon Prime

Counterpart image of Counterpart


The Society

Might be a little close to home at the moment! But this modern take on “Lord of the Flies” features a group of teens who return home after a school trip to find out all the adults have disappeared.

Where To Watch It: Netflix

The Society image of The Society

The Society|Netflix|Broadcast

The Mandalorian

This Star Wars spin off is being called one of the best TV shows of all time. It’s accessible for non-Star Wars fans but has tons of easter eggs for followers of the franchise.

Where To Watch It: Disney+

The Mandalorian image of The Mandalorian

The Mandalorian|Disney+|Broadcast

The Witcher

Fans of Game Of Thrones will love this show. The fantasy epic takes place in a similar Medieval-like setting and features incredible story lines, amazing action and thrilling battles.

Where To Watch It: Netflix

The Witcher image of The Witcher

The Witcher|Netflix|Broadcast

Tiger King

This wild documentary series from Netflix follows the story of one dedicated zookeepers battle to keep his massive collection of tigers from being confiscated.

Where To Watch It: Netflix

Tiger King image of Tiger King

Tiger King|Netflix|Broadcast

The Righteous Gemstones

Follow a strange family of evangelists on an interesting adventure in this unforgettable comedy show.

Where To Watch It: Sky

The Righteous Gemstones image of The Righteous Gemstones

The Righteous Gemstones|Sky|Broadcast

Bob’s Burgers

This animated TV show is a super entertaining watch. It’s lighthearted and fun. Plus, it’s been going for a good few years now, so there’s plenty of episodes to get through.

Where To Watch It: Amazon Prime

Bob's Burgers image of Bob's Burgers

Bob’s Burgers|Amazon Prime|Broadcast

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