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Are you working from home at the moment? Want something to watch on your lunch break?

Here are our picks for the top 10 short films to watch if you’re working from home.


This short film called Bookface lines up famous book covers with their real-life locations and the people in them.

Made by Jacco Kliesch for the Erlangen City library, the film looks to bring book covers to life. As most novels are quite small in size, fitting a big image on the front can be tricky. One popular get-around is to cut off a section of the image that’s featured. In this film, the image is filled in using real people and locations. It’s amazing to look at and makes each book feel “alive”.

Short Film "Bookface" Lines Up Famous Book With Real-Life Locations & People image of Bookface

Bookface|Jacco Kliesch|Short Form

The Devastating Impact Of The Kīlauea Volcano Eruption

Aila’Au, Forest Eater by Page Films made this incredible film where they show the devastation caused by the 2018 Kīlauea volcano eruption.

Although no one died, hundreds of people had their homes destroyed, as the lava ate up all the surrounding areas. This brave film maker captured the stunning scenes as the lava spread across the island. It’s safe to stand near lava, but anything caught up in its path will be immediately destroyed. At its peak temperature, it can be as hot as 1200 degrees Celsius.

This Short Film Shows The Devastating Impact Of The Kīlauea Volcano Eruption image of Kīlauea Volcano Eruption

Aila’Au, Forest Eater|Page Films|Short Form

Explore The Stunning Countryside Of Denmark

Jutland II is a short film by Jonas Høholt that explores the Jutland Peninsula in Denmark.

The region is known for its incredible views, amazing landscapes and breathtaking weather. It’s a place where you can truly see all four seasons in all their glory. In this video, Jonas uses time-lapse techniques to show us weeks worth of footage in a matter of seconds. Seeing the peninsula over such a large amount of time really makes you appreciate how different the area looks season to season.

Jutland II|Jonas Høholt|Short Form

Crossing Paris

Crossing Paris is a one sequence shot short film by Victor Cavaillole. He takes us on a whirlwind adventure across the French capital.

In the video, we get to see all of the brilliant things that make Paris great. We get a close up looks at the city’s tasty cuisine, the buzzing nightlife and the stunning architecture. The film perfectly captures the relentless pace of the city and takes us inside the hustle and bustle of everyday Parisian life.

This One-Shot Short Film Travels Across Paris At A Blistering Pace image of Crossing Paris

Crossing Paris|Victor Cavaillole|Short Form

The Bolt Connection

The Bolt Connection is an animated short film that takes place inside of a robot dystopia, filled with death, destruction and shiny sentient bots.

In the exciting video, we see a robot searching for a human heart to put inside of his chest cavity. We’re not quite sure how a heart interacts with his body of steel and wires, but when the robot places it inside himself, he gets a rush of life. Unfortunately, he overworks the organ, eventually leaving it withered and useless. He sets out again to find another one…

Animated Short Film "The Bolt Connection" Takes Us Inside A Robo Dystopia image of The Bolt Connection
The Bolt Connection|Nicolas Lebas, Mathilde Dourdy, Maurine Lecerf, Shih-Hui Pan, Claire Cartier and Thibault Grunenberger|3D Animation

Seed Supreme

Animator Jack Maschka made this awesome short called SEED SUPREME. It follows a curious little alien as he tries to steal a precious prize.

The vid starts with him looking up at a huge flower. He wants to get inside of its petals and extract a vital seed. As he makes his way up the stem, another alien quickly tries to get in his way. They battle it out, and the little guy eventually comes out on top. After consuming the seeds inside the plant, he starts growing in size.

SEED SUPREME|Jack Maschka|2D Animation

Walter’s Way

Walter’s Way is a short film from Tom Gigliotti that follows the struggle of an old person re-taking their driving test.

In most countries, elderly people are required to take a driving test once they reach a certain age. Issues with sight, hearing and perceptiveness can mean that some of them aren’t totally safe to drive on the road anymore. But it can be quite a difficult process for some to go through. If they fail, it can be a big blow to their self-esteem and can massively impact their ability to live independently.

Emotional Short Film "Walter's Way" Shows Us The Struggles Of Old Age image of Walter's Way

Walter’s Way|Tom Gigliotti|Short Form

The Hunt For The Last Nazi

The Atlantic brings us this incredible animated short film from Randall Christopher. It reveals the story of how an Israeli secret agent hunted down the architect of the holocaust, Adolf Eichmann in 1960.

After the Nazis lost the Second World War, almost all the Nazi generals either killed themselves or were caught and sentenced to death. But Adolf Eichmann managed to escape and smuggled himself into Argentina under a fake name. Adolf was a key figure in the Nazi’s plan to exterminate all Jews in Germany and was responsible for the deaths of millions of innocent people. It was particularly egregious for the Jewish people that he managed to get away and that he served no punishment for his horrific crimes.

Animated Short Film Tells The Amazing Story Of The Hunt For The Last Nazi image of The Atlantic

The Atlantic|The Driver Is Red|Documentary

Hair Love – Sony Pictures Animation

Sony made this lovely short film where we see a father struggle to style his daughters hair.

The dad is getting his daughter ready to go out. He’s dressed her, fed her and done almost everything that he needs to. But he’s got one thing left to sort out… her hair. They’re both African-American and black hair can be really tricky to style if you don’t know what you’re doing. The Dad looks a bit clueless and his attempts aren’t all that impressive. But luckily, his daughter shows him a video of her mum styling her hair. Now, things make a lot more sense for the hapless dad and he manages to sort out his daughters barnet.

Watch Sony's Animated Short Film "Hair Love" About A Father And Daughter image of Hair Love

Hair Love|Sony Animation|2D Animation


Skywatch is a short film directed by Colin Levy that takes us inside a dystopia filled with menacing drones.

In the film, we’re taken to a world where you can have any food or products delivered to a box that sits inside your apartment. Using a massive drone network, companies can drop whatever customers want down a chute and have it arrive at their homes in no time. Sensing an opportunity for mischief, two teen hackers decide to prank their neighbours by swapping packages around by interfering with the drones’ signal.

"Skywatch" - Short Film Starring Jude Law Shows Us A Drone-Filled Dystopia image of Skywatch

Skywatch|Colin Levy|Short Form

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