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Are you working from home at the moment? Want something to watch on your lunch break? Looking for a great doc to wind down to at the end of the day?

Here’s our pick for the top 10 documentaries to watch if you’re working from home.

Patagonia – District 15: Living Next To An Oil Refinery

District 15 is a documentary from Patagonia where they meet the families that live next to dangerous oil drilling facilities.

Those living in the 15th District of Los Angeles are surrounded by oil drillers. Almost everyone in the area can see one from their house and some even have them as the neighbours. The long term exposure to the smoke produced by the drilling is having a serious effect on the people here. For some, it can result in shortness of breath or asthma and for others it’s even been linked to premature cases of cancer. Locals here are sick of having the needs of million dollar companies prioritised over their own needs.

District 15|Patagonia|Documentary

Meet Yung Lenox, The 7 Year Old Hip Hop Cartoonist

Dallas follows the story of the 7 year old artist who has a penchant for re-creating some of the most iconic rappers in the world in cartoon form.

Hip Hop is a genre that’s been tainted by accusations of containing sexist lyrics, violent themes and dangerous role models. Not exactly the kind of thing you want your child to be exposed to then. Fans of Hip Hop know that things aren’t quite as black and white as that though and when Lenox began drawing pictures of famous rappers in his colouring books, his rap-loving Dad was overjoyed.

Live Fast, Draw Young|Dallas|Documentary

National Geographic – Lost & Found

National Geographic released this moving documentary Lost And Found. It follows the story of one man’s efforts to reunite lost children with their parents in Bangladeshi refugee camps.

The persecution of Rohingya Muslims in Myanmar has caused hundreds and thousands of them to flee to neighbouring Bangladesh. This has resulted in the creation of one of the biggest refugee camps in the world. Many of the refugees here are children and it can be extremely easy for them to lose their parents. Tragically, lots of them also lose their parents on the way to the camp, whilst fleeing from the military or being separated during their journey to the camps.

Watch National Geographic's Powerful Documentary "Lost And Found" image of Rohingya

National Geographic|Lost and Found|Documentary

Nike – Basketball Grandmas

(Turn on closed captions for English subtitles)

Nike brings us this short documentary where we meet the Hoops Abuelas, or Hoops Grandmas, Mexico’s oldest basketball team.

The team is made up of various women who are all 60+. They’ve been playing basketball for decades and won’t let a silly thing like old age get in their way. We get to meet each of the team members in this moving doc and learn how the sport allows them to still live their lives to the fullest.

Hoops Abuelas|Nike|Documentary

Bloomberg – How The iPhone Nearly Bankrupted Finland

Bloomberg shows us how the invention of the iPhone nearly bankrupted the entire country of Finland.

It’s all to do with Finnish mobile manufacturer Nokia. Anyone born before the era of the smartphone will remember just how popular their iconic brick phones were. They accounted for nearly half of all phones worldwide, which poured millions into Finland’s economy and generous welfare programmes. Those profits allowed the Nordic country to flourish and make a name for itself on the world stage.

Bloomberg Shows Us How The iPhone Nearly Bankrupted Finland image of Bloomberg

Bloomberg|Hello World|Documentary

BT Sport – Tyson Fury’s Resurrection

This documentary from BT Sport relives the epic 12th round between Tyson Fury & Deontay Wilder, where Fury recovered from a full knockout to finish the match.

Fury had a break in his career due to a doping ban. In that time he ended up gaining a significant amount of weight. He also told reporters that he was struggling with his mental health and wasn’t sure of his future in boxing. When he said that he was stepping back into the world of boxing, he surprised many. Lots of people thought he would crumble in a professional bout. Almost no one expected him to beat Wilder after their bout was announced in 2018.

BT Sport Documentary Relives Tyson Fury & Deontay Wilder's Thrilling Fight image of Tyson Fury

Tyson Fury & Deontay Wilder|BT Sport|Sports

GoPro – The High Fives Foundation

GoPro speaks to Roy Tuscany and Trevor Kennison about the High Fives Foundation, which helps severely injured skiers get back into the sport.

In this doc, we hear the stories of skiers who have picked up serious spinal cord injuries whilst skiing. For these guys, it was devastating to not be able to walk and not be able to take part in their favourite pastime. But the High Fives Foundation looks to help skiers like this learn how to ski again. Using the whale tail ski, even people who can’t walk can get back into skiing.

GoPro|High Fives Foundation|Sports

Porsche – Michael Fassbender’s Road To Le Mans

Actor Michael Fassbender takes part in a race around the gruelling Nürburgring circuit in this awesome video.

It’s the latest episode in a series of videos produced by Porsche where they try to help Michael get closer to his dream of racing in the annual Le Mans race. The team here coach the actor and help him to improve his skills on the track. He takes part in a contest against pro racers to see if he can compete with seasoned drivers.

Michael Fassbender Goes For A Race Around The Nürburgring With Porsche image of Porsche

Porsche|Michael Fassbender|Sports

Red Bull Gaming – DOTA 2 Champion JerAx Explains Why He Quit

Esports legend JerAx featured in this revealing documentary from Red Bull that looks into his personal life and finds out what’s important to him outside of gaming.

He’d won championships at the global Dota 2 contests with his team OG. Despite being at the peak of his abilities, he suddenly retired, leaving a huge void in the gaming community he was part of. Many were confused as to why he decided to quit, but this documentary gives us some insight into his mindset and why he wanted to leave.

Red Bull Made This Revealing Documentary About The Life Of Pro Gamer JerAx image of JerAx

Red Bull|JerAx|Documentary

The Rise Of The Electric Car Company Rivian

R.J. Scaringe started up Rivian when he was 26 with a group of his mates. Now, the company is spending over 3 billion dollars to make the perfect electric car that will take down Tesla.

Speaking of Tesla, R.J didn’t want Rivian to be a carbon copy of Elon Musk’s flashy brand. They focused on making a bespoke off-road SUV that appealed to a wider market. Although most people agree that Teslas are pretty cool, Rivian wanted to make a practical car that would suit people living in the sticks just as much as those living in the city.

Electric Car Company Rivian Released This Doc About Their Meteoric Rise image of Rivian

Rivian|Dress Code|Documentary

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