Fashion brand Tommy Hilfiger gives us this chilled-out live music session with singer Sunni colon in this laid-back vid. In it, we’re serenaded by the singer, as he recites his hit song Mornin’ Dew.

Sunni is known for his chilled out melodies and relaxing tunes. Kicking back with this track is the perfect way to start off your morning. This is the first time he’s performed this new song and Tommy Hilfiger do a great job of providing us with a brill music video. It’s part of the Tommy Jeans Presents series. The series looks to shine a light on talented, under-the-radar musicians, bands and artists.

Tommy Hilfiger Chills Out With Singer Sunni Colon image of Sunni Colon

This video is stripped back and psychedelic. It’s the perfect compliment to Sunni’s music, which has a trippy, 60s feel to it. He’s made a big impact since he first started releasing music. What’s even more impressive is that he taught himself how to play multiple instruments, all without any formal tuition. It’s really good to see a big brand like Tommy Hilfiger promote a smaller artist like this and give a chance to an amazing artist like Sunni.

Sunni Colon|Tommy Hilfiger|Music Videos

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