Tom Hanks reads some #NiceTweets with Twitter in this heartwarming video.

We’re all familiar with the Mean Tweets concept. Kickstarted by late night host Jimmy Kimmel, famous celebs read harsh tweets about themselves in a lighthearted way. It’s all fun and games, but ultimately they are, in a subtle way, spreading negative ideas and getting us down in the dumps. So Tom wants to give us an alternative to that. In this video, America’s nicest man reads the nicest tweets that people have posted online.

Tom Hanks Reads #NiceTweets With Twitter image of Nice Tweets

In the video, we see a tweet about dad’s making a cake for his daughter after she’d been through a bad break up. We see a cat photoshoot and learn about a koala-saving dog. It’s a really lovely and heartwarming video that reminds us that the world isn’t all bad. Hearing them being read out of Tom himself is the icing on the cake. To be honest, he’s so nice, even him reading mean tweets would sound pretty great too. Down with #MeanTweets, it’s time for #NiceTweets to take over.

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