Timelines is a short film that looks into the societal pressure that women face in America and Asia.

Despite coming a long way over the past few decades, some negative attitudes and expectations are still being put on women in 2019. Most common are the pressures around marriage, children and relationships. At times, there can be a generational gap between mothers and daughters which can cause a lack of understanding. In this short film by Japanese skincare brand, SK-II we meet 4 women from New York, Japan, China and South Korea and learn about what societal expectations are being put on them.

In each scenario, the women are battling with their mothers as they want to take a different life path to the one that’s expected of them. The film creates a real-life visual metaphor, where they lay out of set of TVs which show the different timelines that each women can take. The idea of the film is to show the diverse range of life options that women have open to them in 2019. It wants to remind women that they can live whatever lives they want and tells them to not just follow what generations before them did.

Timelines|SK-II|Short Form

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